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The 3 Principles of Perpetual Peak Sales Performance

How does it feel when you’re at the top of your game? Whether it’s sports, a hobby or work, when you’re performing well it’s an awesome feeling and the results are pretty spectacular. Unfortunately, you don’t always perform at that level. And when you’re not, it can...

The importance of Resilience in Sales and how to develop it

How many times have you heard “no” from potential customers that you’re trying to make a sale to? I bet it’s a lot. And I can tell you the longer you’re in sales, the more no's you’ll get. In fact, most likely, the no's will far out way the yes's. No's are tough....


If you dread it when a prospective customer says, ‘let me think about it,’ you may benefit from a process – proposed by New Zealand’s foremost thought leader in sales excellence Bill James – that helps you land the sale from start to finish in virtually one sitting....


How to Get Sales Leads Without Cold Calling

When a lot of business owners think of sales they think of cold calling. And when they think of cold calling, they think of one of their least favourite things to do. Which is probably putting it mildly! And it’s not just business owners who have this reaction to cold...

What you lose with a structured sales process

Why we Enjoy a Structured Sales Process Research would suggest that having a set sales process adds anywhere from 18% to over 50% to your sales results. BUT there are also losses and restrictions that come from that structure that many love dearly. In the fast-paced...

How to Create an Effective Sales Strategy

A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim (Oxford Dictionary).  You’ll find strategies everywhere, from business to board games to battles. One of the greatest naval commanders was Admiral Lord Nelson whose naval strategy at the...


The 3 Principles of Perpetual Peak Sales Performance

How does it feel when you’re at the top of your game? Whether it’s sports, a hobby or work, when you’re performing well it’s an awesome feeling and the results are pretty spectacular. Unfortunately, you don’t always perform at that level. And when you’re not, it can...

Here is what our clients say...

"Sharn has transformed our business! BIG statement right? To say we are loyal raving fans is a testament to the service and training we received. Brandstorm invested in training with Sharn and being a small business investing in any training is a big decision, BUT, it has been one of the best investment for our business to date. I personally have been through a few courses in my professional career, and have found this training superior to anything to date because of not only the training and insights but the implementation. As an example, the first sale after our initial time with Sharn we increase the value of that sale by 25% ($1200) through simply identifying the value of our service to our new client. We are excited about our sales growth and passionately refer Sharn at any opportunity."

- Anthony Simons, Director, Brandstorm

"I have been through many other Sales training programs and I must say that Attain tailored their approach to be specific to my business.

Everything was well thought out and Sharn's passion to see other businesses succeed with the program really shows in the training. Everything was well thought out.

Even down to the candidates I did the training with. It was disclosed at the end of the course that we were carefully selected as we would be able to compliment each other in terms of referrals.

I liked that some thought was put into this. This exemplifies the rest of the course material and exercises. A well thought out program that I would recommend to others to complete."

- William Cheong, Director, Rede

“I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my approach to clients. My questions are more direct and I am uncovering needs in a much more structured approach. I am now spending 45 minutes where it used to be an hour and a half and I just do not seem to strike the usual objections or ‘hard to handle’ moments. I have done three ‘go ahead’ deals in the last month worth $50,000 that I attribute to the skills I learned during my day with Bill.”

- Simon Tansley, Designer, Mastercraft Kitchens

Sharn's professional and process driven approach to sales has been a game changer. I would recommend Sharn to anyone looking at improving their sales strategy and growing their business.

- Mat Harvie, Investment Sales - Property Managers Group

I found this programme to be extremely valuable. The team took time to understand what it was I needed and structured the programme accordingly.

I received measurable financial and personal improvements as a result of working with Sharn.

I would recommend to anyone thinking about Attain's services to take time to speak with them and I'm confident they will be able to understand your specific needs.

- James Thomas

Our franchisees are very competent technically but, like so many other technical people, they are less confident in finding new business. You gave them all the tools they needed in a way that made them believe that they could action them easily and make them work. Even the ones with "you can't help me" and "you had to be there" attitudes were drawn in. Your humour held them for a mammoth session and you had their attention right to the end… We are looking at ways of having you back to continue the good work you have started.

- David Dovey

I recently completed the high performance training course with Sales Impact. Sharn and the team have done a great job putting together a training course that is easy to understand and implement for those wanting to excel in the sales role. As a manager of a busy sales team, I was pleased to be provided with additional training tools that I could use and modify as my own.

As sales people we never stop learning, I've modified our new business development process and already reaping the rewards with success in recent new client presentations.

- Peter Lloyd

Sharn was and is our Sales Coach for my business fu/nis EMS training. He is an excellent communicator who doesn't shy away to point of the weak points in your business. His can-do attitude is lifting up any meeting and his strategical approach to our unique situation helped a lot. The introduced techniques and systems help us every day to succeed

- Catrina Kuehler

I continue to be impressed with Sharn's positive enthusiastic energy and outlook in assisting businesses with their sales processes whenever our paths cross. I have also attended a Sales Systems Development course with Sales Impact NZ in Auckland with Sharn which I found very rewarding and it has definitely helped us to win more business sales. I wish I knew about this years ago!

- Steve Danko

I attended Sharn's attain sales course a few weeks ago which was excellent.

The course covered all aspects of the sales process, and was the perfect mixture of practical and academic.

Sharn knows his stuff and provided the tools that allowed me to put some structure around my sales process and boost my sales.

If you are in the B2B space I would highly recommend this course to you.

- Scott Russell - Principal Russell Legal

I attended Sharn' Sales training and it has revolutionised how I approach new business opportunities. I have much more planned and intentional approach now. The 2 day intensive course is has s a lot of content to digest, however it is very practical and I have found Sharn's ongoing support invaluable. Sharn is a consummate professional.

- Frances Carlisle


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